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STD Testing, City, State?

Toledo is a vibrant city located at the western end of Lake Erie in Northwest Ohio. It is the county seat of Lucas County and the 4th largest city in the state of Ohio. It offers great attractions including the scenic Toledo Botanical Garden, the Imagination Station, the Toledo Symphony Orchestra and much more. The city of 279,789 residents is witnessing a growing prevalence of STDs with reports of chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV increasing.

The efforts to lower STD infections in Toledo and the greater Lucas County will be effective if more residents get regular testing and proper medical treatment. Nonetheless, for you to be seen by your primary physician you must make an appointment weeks in advance. On the hand, free testing clinics have packed waiting rooms and long queues. Our service allows you to schedule for private FDA-approved STD testing at your convenience. It is the quickest, most affordable and discreet STD testing option in Toledo.

Order, Visit, & Get
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You need to get STD testing

As soon as possible if, you are sexually active and have never been tested previously, engaged in unprotected sex, have a partner showing symptoms of STDs or has tested positive or feel you might have been exposed to infection.

Reports from the STD Surveillance Program by the Ohio Department of Health show a rising trend in the number of chlamydia infections in Toledo area.  The number of chlamydia new infections increased by 14% from 2014 to 2015. There were 2,656 cases of chlamydia reported in Toledo and Lucas County in 2015.

Primary and secondary P&S syphilis cases increased sharply by 83% from only 5 cases in 2013 to 30 diagnoses the next year. There 31 cases of P&S syphilis cases in Lucas County in 2014 and 30 of them were reported in the Toledo area.

The number of new HIV infections increased from 30 to 43 new diagnoses from 2014 to 2015.

There were 702 new gonorrhea infections in 2015 however the number of infections had declined by 5% from the previous year. The highest number of gonorrhea cases of 1,133 new infections was reported in 2012.

Chlamydia infections are highest among young people within the 15-24 age group accounting for 70% of the total cases in 2015. In the same year, the 15-24 age group was the most affected again by gonorrhea infections accounting for 55% of the total cases.

In 2014 P&S syphilis cases were highest among those in the 22-29 age group while HIV was highest within the 20-24 age group.

Out of all the chlamydia infections 70% were females on the other hand gonorrhea cases were distributed equally between both genders. Males had the highest P&S syphilis cases and HIV infections accounting for 86% and 86.2% of the infections respectively.

Our doctors are available online and on the phone, simply contact us and provide us with a brief personal history and possible symptoms. Select one of our labs and take less than 20mins to provide samples and still find time for gourmet burgers at Bar 145. A panel of recommended tests will be carried out. Your correct results will be delivered in less than 3 business days. Get the best medical care and counseling from our medical team.

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